Storm or no storm, it’s still the weekend and so time to browse random links! And also to say inside and be dry.

I must make this cool garland for the boys’ room.

On more DIY theme, how about a nice birthday calendar printable for yourself or a friend?  Cute! And really cute when hung up with clothespins! Until, of course, your toddlers take them down and throw them at the dog, but hey, for 5 minutes it will look just like this picture.

How cool are these bowls? I love the invisible cat!

Would you stay in a hotel room that looks like this? Somehow the picture makes me think of our stay in Berlin hostel and fills me with wanderlust all over again.

Minted is giving away free mommy calling cards! Now the question is, are you yuppie enough?  Do you dare to add mommy cards to your profile of skiing, tennis playing, playdate-arranging, organic-food-buying, MINI-driving existence?  Because these cards are not going to score you any points with the unwashed masses any more than your favorite polo teams will.  Just saying.  And also ordering the cards while saying that.

And, finally, wouldn’t you love to spend your weekend like this?


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